martedì 22 marzo 2011

Roots Manuva «Run Come Save Me» [2001]

Those who think hip hop is all about bitches and money are not completely wrong. But when you bump into the odd exception to the rule, the power of the genre becomes evident.

Run Come Save Me is one of the most evocative albums of the last, dreadful decade, even if it was released at the very beginning of it. Its dense soundscape, the angry vocals, and the meaningful lyrics, make it a must in the library of every non-fanatic consumer of music. The aficionados simply love it.

It features the single that is without doubt Rodney Hylton Smith's most famous and unmistakable chune: Witness (1 Hope), part of the OST of Children of Men, one of Slavoj Zizek's favorite films, and track number 2 of Lawkyz's 10 Years Of Big Dada Recordings compilation.

Don't lose - - - > hope


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