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Dos «Uno Con Dos» [1989]

The beginnings of Dos (pronounced like the word "dose" but it's actually the spanish word for "two") go back to the fall of 1985, while the Minutemen were still actually a group. It was to be Watt's first ever side project. Black Flag had earlier that year (in may) been on tour and had the Minutemen open up for about a week. Kira was Black Flag's bassist at the time and was asked by Mike Watt (Minutemen bassist) if she would be interested in jamming in a two-bass-only situation. [...]

Dos songs have come from jams, from lyrics given to them, are covers of great female vocalists they admire, the songs come from other bands they have played in, are written together, are written with one writing both bass lines, just about any way a song can come about, they have. they think of Dos as very punk rock, as there are no other bands anything like it. Also because they pay no heed to genres or fads, and don't care if people can't get the weirdness of their thing.

from Dos bio - January, 2003 (written by both Mike and Kira)

If you think the bass is easy, just click - - - - > HERE ...and think again

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