venerdì 18 marzo 2011

George Benson «The Other Side Of Abbey Road» [1969] VS Easy Star All-Stars «Easy Star's Lonely Heart Dub Band» [2009]

In the realm of things nobody really felt the need for, this is an interesting challenge. Which of the 2 yankee contestants can better express the musical spirit of The Beatles, the band that brought sitar to the Western audiences?

George Benson, master of guitar, payed his homage to the Fab Four back in 1969. His Other Side Of Abbey Road is a conceptual re-visitation of the Beatles' classic, released just months after the original. There is no room for reverence in it, just plenty of solos and extra notes, and the need to do a medley of the songs in order to express his jazzy attitude.

The Defendant - - - > Left Corner

Easy Star All-Stars on the other side confronted the myth of the Sirs from Liverpool something like 40 years after. They did it with no fear of appearing blasphemous, and with the philological rigor they've always shown in their reinterpretation of modern classics.

The Challengers - - - > Right Corner    

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