giovedì 7 aprile 2011

Sepultura «Chaos A.D.» [1993]

Nemo profeta in patria, and I ain't talking about Pixar's cute little crippled fish.

At one stage during the horrid 90s Sepultura were bigger in Europe and maybe USA than in their hometown Brazil. With Chaos A.D., their 5th album, they had already established more than a foot in the old world.

I personally selected Refuse/Resist in the jukebox (sic!) of a lousy bar in a god-forsaken seaside resort of Calabria, Italy. And i was no metal head.

Hard enough to be unquestionably metal, slow enough to be groovy, this album is a milestone for those who want to understand the forces behind globalization. And 48 minutes of - - -> pure hardcore.

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