sabato 2 aprile 2011

Beirut «Gulag Orkestar» [2006]

Yankee kids are keen into questioning the meaning of life. Some go into the wild, some take a tour of Europe to discover the roots of a certain way of playing music, that we could somehow define gipsy-esque.

The latter was precisely the choice of Zachary Francis Condon, enfant prodige from Santa Fe New Mexico who came back from a trip to the Old Continent as a different man. The soundscape of the Balkans and the vivid images of his experience were forever to be part of him.

He then gathered the best musicians he knew and put up the band by the name Beirut, adding a pinch more of exoticism that never fails. Their debut album is the proof that the melting pot still has something to say to the world.

O rly? - - - > You tell me.


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