venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

Beck «Guerolito» [2005]

Beck is that kind of artist that can be as mainstream as Lady Ga Ga, and yet keep an indie attitude like Jack Black when he performs in Tenacious D. No wonder the guys are buddies.

Beck is also the first person I've ever heard of being born a scientologist. His mum and dad have been early followers of the Hubbard, and hence baby Beck was brought up according to the rules of Dianetics.

This has probably nothing to do with the great and varied music he's been delivering since the early 1990s, and certainly nothing to do with Guerolito, a second version of his comeback album Guero. The lullabies, ballads and anti-folk-once-removed songs of his 6th album are completely remixed and revamped by people such as Air, Boards of Cananda, and Diplo.

It's totally fucked up, you'll love it.

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