sabato 21 maggio 2011

Sade «Diamond Life» [1984]

According to bonghits4christ the music of Sade is ideal for dads in the company of their lady. The initiator of that unfortunate thread was instead suggesting the band is actually best enjoyed when stoned. But that applies to any kind of music, let me add.

Helen Folasade Adu aka Sade was, and probably still is, a premium pothead who used weed to fuel her creativity. Even though she claimed she had quit the habit in 1995 when pregnant of her daughter, 2 years later she was arrested in Jamaica. She had refused to bribe the local police, who caught her speeding in her car, which was packed with a few weed buds. She was officially charged, but no jail though, phew.

Back to Diamond Life, the band's debut album. Unbelievably it wasn't an immediate success. But today it sounds as fresh as a new release, and with a 2-hit combo like that straight at the beginning, you can be sure its now established fame will never fade away. And that sax, oh that sax!

Light up the blunt, summon your lady and - - - > enjoy.

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