martedì 31 maggio 2011

Albert Ayler «Rarities» [1964-1970]

Here's most of the material that's left unreleased officially after the massive "Holy Ghost" set that came out seven years ago (gee, it's been that long!?) - this consists mainly of two more sets from the November 1966 tour in Europe, as well as the outtake that was on the original pressings of ESP'-Disk 1002 and a stray cut still left in the can from the July 1970 St. Paul de Vence recordings. The final track was omitted from "Holy Ghost" under the assumption that Ayler wasn't present (Frank Smith would be the soloist all the way) - it's included for completeness' sake.

You can get it now, clicking - - - > Here (Part I), - - - > Here (Part II), and - - - > Here (Part III) (via ubu roi)

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