mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011

Amy Winehouse «Lioness: Hidden Treasures» [2011]

Amy Winehouse will probably be remembered as the best singer of the 21st century. Yet she was a frail woman, and died untimely, consumed by fame, drugs (mmmmh drugs), and the music industry.

Yeah the music industry. Those filthy bastards would like to exploit Amy even now that she rests in peace, making millions with this posthumous album. I say fuck them, and fuck money.

Unless she's actually having fun with the music heroes who pretend to be dead only to chill out and enjoy the good life, as explained by the best Italian band EVER.

I wish it was true. In the meantime, I listen to Amy's unique, unforgettable voice and - - - > cry.

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  1. the copyright goons were watchin us and forced to remove the link. but thou shalt not worry, insert "name of artist name of album inurl:mediafire" in your favourite search engine and thou shalt get what thou were looking for. enjoy


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